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iOS app


Hi all,

I was just wondering if an iOS app exists or is in the pipeline as I cannot see one on Github.

Also it is difficult to tell if the platform is still an active project or just hanging on by it’s teeth.

Anyway if anyone has any feature requests for an iOS app then post here as I am knocking one up. It currently has the ability to search for Devices and view a few details similar to the Android app. A map is probably next.

I’ll open source it and open it up for beta testers if anyone is interested.



Hi @smartodlin,

Thanks for your message! This is really nice!

As the core Smart Citizen Team we do not have that much time but we would like to support you as much as possible!

Just for you to know the project a little bit more:

We had an iOS app but we removed from the App Store some time ago because it was not compatible with the new API and required some work to fix stability issues.

Instead we released an Android app:

We wanted to work on an iOS app but first we plan to work on improving the current site for mobile

About the project, yes it is active with the team behind working on new hardware and software while also working with local communities, i.e:

Hope this helps!