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Is Adafruit ICE Debugger Needed?

I am about to purchase Kit V2.1 from Seeed. I have read thru documentation but I am uncertain if I also need to get an AdaFruit ICE Debugger/Programmer, for purpose of reflashing.
I understand that both processors by default have been flashed, but I guess reflashing might be needed sometime.
Its an extra $AUD160 so I don’t want to purchase if its unnecessary.
If its necessary (ever), its convenient to get it now.
Also, if its necessary, which version do I need, basic model or standard model (with extra connectors).?
Please can I be advised about this.

Hi @bryn.parrott!

No, the ICE is just needed to flash the bootloader the first time or to implement complex debugging functions.

Updating the Kit firmware to a newer version or a customized version created by you only requires a computer with USB connection.

For more info on the use of a debugger with the Kit, you can read the following guide.

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Well hopefully Seeed did not forget to flash the device for me so I don’t need it. Cheers