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Is data download broken? It's not working here…

I actually do understand how to download my data, but it seems broken.
After choosing CVS in the format drop down, and then confirming that I do, in fact, really want to download my data, I either get a blank page or a page with some xml enclosures, but no data.

I did managed to successfully visualize my data once on Saturday, but since then it seems broken.
Am I doing something wrong.

I get the same result as documented above. What browser are you using klinger?

I just tried to retrieve my data using Safari, Chrome and Firefox with the following result: (Firefox, Safari, Chrome) can’t find the file at

Nobody else has this problem? In that case, it must be easy to fix…

Since writing out to a CVS was broken (and now seems to have been disabled), I started using the API to retrieve data. It’s not as clean as a CVS, but I’ll take what I can get…

I’d like to try that. I’ve been wanting to download.

Data will be available to download over the weekend. All, we know all the issues you are going through, and really apologise for that. We do not have people 100% dedicated to answer all the issues coming in, but at the same time all the team gets the reported problems from the forum, we are trying to tackle (almost) everything:

  • will have a new registration platform soon
  • working on a complete new refurbishing of the platform
  • debugging firmware
  • setting everything up to be completely collaborative

We know it is not a complete product, but it is editable, hackable and hope to get the most from the community. Have been more than 2 years working on conceptualising and producing all the parts of Smart Citizen, it is a long run, and really excited to have the opportunity to open this process in order to generate a community

Let us know more bugs, will be working with you guys and will setup proper tools to make all of you contributors and authors of the project

If I can be of assistance please let me know. I’d be willing to help with user testing, or whatever.

I have been pleased with my SCK. Keep up the good work!

Thanks a lot. We are doing extra testings on the solar panels and will have a clear response soon about the subject. Pushing the guys to have the most ready asap: platform registration and downloading data. Next issues:

  • app is buggy
  • solar panel compatibility
  • sensor calibration

and more coming up every day!

I’ve just checked the download system, which I can get to work with csv and xml (although it needs some work), but the json output doesn’t appear to be providing any output.


First sorry for the long time taken to fix this problem.
After some work over this particular week-end, you should have been able to use the download function again starting from Sunday 9th of Febraury. I’ve also reshaped a bit the .csv table and included information from the kit itself.

Are you still experimenting problem with the export function ?

So far I’ve limited it to 5000 datapoints (3-4 days of data) due to server limitations. We should overpass this limitation soon.