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Is it possible to buy sensor boards separately?

Hi everyone,

The question is as above: Can I buy sensor boards somewhere without the whole kit?


Hi @bron

It’s not clear whether you are referring to the urban sensor board or other unnamed sensor boards.

The urban sensor boards can be obtained from Seeed Studios but only as part of a bare bones kit for $USD 99 that includes the data MCU board and dust sensor. Seeed have stock as of today; but it varies.

I believe that is also a second source supplier that is based in Euro zone. It comes up on Google.

I wish you the best of luck,


Naturally I mean The Urban Sensor Board.
Yes, thank you, I am aware of the offer at Seeed. I have failing urban boards thus I don’t need the whole thing. We’ll get those 99$ if no other option is available.

Hi Bron,

Not at the moment, but this is not a bad idea at all and we’ll discuss it internally and see it’s viability with the manufacturer.


@oscgonfer I have shared some if my experience with @bron hoping to help,

But it’s looking like he may need a special order of urban boards; or urban + data (excluding the dust sensor)

I have suggested a pathway he might assess the overall needs, before reaching out to you and/or @victor

BTW it’s looking like seeed might be starting to run short of SCK units again. I have now checked with Digi-key and Mouser and found they have no stock either.
Thus, only Seeed themselves have stock of the bare bones kit at the moment.

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Not a bad idea, indeed. :slight_smile:

Meanwhile ordered 3 sets of 99$ for replacements.