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Is this forum alive?

OK, I joined this forum one month ago.

I read a lot, wrote some comments, indicated some issues, also wrote them in the firmware repository (no reaction at all). Asked for help also.

I received some answers from two persons (TWO), both involved in the project I suppose. No other users seen.

Even a week passed between two messages in the entire forum.

I do not know if this project is still alive, most of the SCK kits in the map are offline by years. The forum, however, seems deserted.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

I can tell you some facts so you can take your own conclusion:

700 devices were sold in the last 6 months. Around half of them to individuals and another half to research institutions. Last hour 194 devices published data. The SCK 2.1 is the fifth version of the hardware since the project launched in 2012.

194 devices online, in the whole world, to be compared with about 2500 offline.

Maybe many of them are used outside with SD card?

Anyway, most forum discussions are old, it was way more active years ago. Usually, active projects also have active communities supporting them.

Really not willing to dump or criticize, only perplexed.

I was too but as I understand this is a project sponsored by a university and the EU. Our small city (Hasselt, Belgium) bought some 20 kits. Only one is online because it’s easy for a city to buy such an amount. What’s difficult is to put these online and keep them running. I guess we have to live with that.

Hi personal user here,

I’ve a 2.1 kit that is online.
I took this kit for my home, it’s working nice. So big thanks to the team !
Also, I’ve had quick response on issue I had… :+1:

When I’ll have some free time, I’ll modify the firmware for redirecting the MQTT directly to my home automation. So the kit will no longer be online…

Personally, I look more into git push to know a project activity. No big updates soon in the github. So it’s possible that they’re no longer big development on this but also the code and hardware is quite mature… (even if it isn’t perfect)

Finally, it’s an open source project. That do not mean that people do things for you for free, that means than you can make it active by yourself.

Hi all,

My 2.1 is also online and working perfectly. Using it for raising pollution awareness in my street by communicating the data trhough the platform and twitter. Going well so far… anyone interested, check @fumutsrosolano at twitter (though only in catalan).

I have no idea on IT or programming, otherwise I would be more active in the forum, but glad to have been helped some times by others here.

Keep up with the good work!


@guillaume_smartcitiz it is clear that there is a lot of work done on this project.

And SCK works, generally speaking. But if you look closer, several aspects are far from robust and optimized.

Apart from peripherals declared as working but not working at all, like the OLED display, web site really unfriendly and impossible to use on mobile devices, and other issues that could be considered not critical, the single most important flaw of present firmware is calibration. It is simply not foreseen, at all.

As most measurements depend strongly on boards assembly, position, and enclosure, you are granted that measurement accuracy is much lower than It would be if you could load correction factors for your specific setup.

With 2.1 Kit, you easily can have 1 °C of error in temperature, and 10 points error in humidity, depending on setup. As these values are used to correct other measurements, for example TVOC measurements are corrected for humidity, and it is a strong correction, also those measurements are messed and unreliable.

I spent days to find the best layout which was able to provide, at least, a correct temperature measurement. No way for humidity, it was wrong in any case. If you look at the code, you find that there are fixed correction factors inside, not parameters, hard numbers written in the code lines, and to change them you should modify the code and then recompile the whole firmware! Those correction factors are probably valid only in a single situation, with a particular enclosure, but this is not documented at all! I cannot imagine a worst way to manage this aspect.

Just give the user the possibility to calibrate the kit in his application setup, at least temperature and humidity, modifying a text file to be loaded in the SD card, and the quality and usefulness of the thing would have a huge improvement.

I suspect that all those offline and probably unused kits are simply kits that gave unreliable and wrong measurements, impossible to fix for the average user, interested in environment monitoring but not willing to mess with firmware and development tools, so they were disconnected and left in an angle.

About open source and to be active. Well, I wrote some software for Arduino using its IDE software, but never used the tools that are mandatory to change SCK firmware. If I mess it and the kit does not work anymore, who will help me? Looking at the level of support offered by this forum, I am not risking to brick a product that costs 150 Euro. I am sure that many other people think the same.

It is really a pity because the hardware itself is really good.

I’ve 3D printed the provided open support model and it’s works fine.
Temperature and humidity measurements for me are coherent with my other sensors.

Although I’ve to agree with most of what you say.