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Issue connecting to Wifi / failure to factory reset

Hi, having a hard time rebooting my SCK 2.0 to connect to a new Wi-Fi. I have deleted the Kit from my user account. I have installed the new SAM_firmware_SCK20_096.uf2. I have tried connecting to several Wi-Fi networks inside our office with now luck, and still get the blinking blue light after running the SCK.ME setup on an ipad. Do I need to enter the new token generated by I tried all iterations of using the original token but still are unable to connect to any wifi.

Please help.


Hi Alejandro,

Thanks for writing. After upgrading the Kit firmware, you have to configure your device again with the right WiFi and device key (token). You have two options:

  1. You can save you old device key (token) as we explain on the guides and reconfigure your device again with the same one.

  1. You can visit the start page and configure your device as a new Kit

What option are you following?