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Journalist request on noise project in Barcelona


I am a journalist of the Spanish newspaper El Periódico. I am trying to locate somebody from a project that measures noise in Barcelona, related to this news:
I am new to this community so I hope this message is not inconvenient for you. If it is, sorry, just ignore it. If it is not, I would be grateful if you could kindly put me in contact with some person informed.




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Hola Michele. Yo tengo el sensor de “Sant Andreu” que aparece en la noticia, el “Sant_Andreu_1” que podrás ver en el mapa.

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Welcome @catanzaro.michele. All the data in the platform is open, and there are a few sensors in the city that could be used (around 15-20). You can see the data and ask further in the forum using this thread about the owners.

On our side, currently we have 2xSmart Citizen Stations doing tests in Eixample (Avda Roma - Compte Urgell) and we are planning on checking the data carefully soon. These are the devices, they are right on top of the air quality station of the Generalitat:

photo_2020-03-09 16.48.03.jpeg