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Kit does not appear on the map


I set up a SCK 2.1 to publish data by Wifi but it does not appear on the map. I can see it on my profile page. I can make it appear when I search in the search bar but I cannot see it by browsing the map.

What can I do to see it on the plateform ?

Thanks for your answers

Dear @yvan.sacovy

When you go to your kit edition page (, is there a location set in this section?

If not, you can drag and set the location with the blue pin.

Hi, thanks for your answer.

Yes, the location is set and has been set from the beginning.

Hi everyone,

The kit finally appeared on the map at the same time as the “New” status disappeared.

It looks like the kit has to be “old” enough to be part of the Smart Citizen community :wink:

haha! :joy: that’s great!

We were looking into this and apparently happens to be a misterious issue… but glad it’s old enough now! :smiley: