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Kit not publishing data to platform

I am a beginner here. I configurated my kit at home (indoor) everything work correctly. But when I change the place (now I’m working at the laboratory as a searcher). I reconfigured the kit and I get these error msgs:
SCK >> SCK Connected to Wi-Fi!!
✓ SCK >> RTC Update Failed!!
✓ SCK >> RTC not updated!!!
✓ SCK >> With no valid time it’s useless to take readings!!

So the kit is not publishing any data and not recognized on the platform!!!

I have a question please: Can the SCK connect to the internet when the WIFI network requires a username (code) and a password ?? I think this is the problem. If yes, where can I define it because in constants.h I just find an SSID and password

Hope you can get access to the router!
Keep us posted.

Another note: The network that I am currently using is a private one. I can browse the net but when I tried to ping the default gateway it is not working


It looks like your kit is connecting fine to the wifi network but it can’t reach the Internet, and it can’t update his clock. First check that your internet connection is Ok and try resetting the kit.

If the problem persists it could be some configuration setting on the network router that is preventing the kit to reach the exterior network. If you have access to the router please check that the mac address of the kit (its printed on the wifly module) its not been blocked.

Hope this helps!

Thank you for your answer. The inernet is OK , but like you have said I think that the router prevent the kit because I’m using the university network so I don’t have access to the router.I will inform my research director maybe he have the access

Hi @rahmadouma,

No this is not currently possible.

We have problems supporting captive portals like on Airports because they don’t follow a common standard. Also WPA2 Enterprise like the ones on Campus networks are not supported since they require more complex workflow that’s difficult to support on an embedded Wi-Fi chip.

Usually on this cases is to talk with the IT department of your company. They usually can whitelist your device by mac address so it can connect to the network and bypass the user and password problem.

Hope this helps!