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Kit not working. No way to get the red light back to reconfigure the kit

I was able to configure the wifi and everything went well, just for the first day. From then on it is not working. I can’t get the red light on in order to reconfigure the kit. A blue light is always blinking. I have tried to reset it pressing the button over 15 seconds. Nothing new happens. What can I do?
Your help is appreciated

To fix that, take into account that there are to buttons. One is a reset (soft), which only turns the kit off-on. The other one does a hard reset, settting the kit to factory configuration.

Sorry, wanted to say TWO buttons.


Thanks for writing to the forum!

By pressing the ON/OFF button you should be able to switch from network mode (blue) to setup mode (red).

If nothing works fine I will suggest you do a full factory reset

and restart again the configuration process