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List of supported sensors


There is a connector on smart citizen to connect additional sensors. Does anyone know where to find a list of supported sensors. and does the data from a supported sensor “automagicaly” appear in the dashboard?

I would be interested in something like this: Grove - Multichannel Gas Sensor (


Hi Edvardas,

The complete list of supported (for now) sensors is in this file, we still need to write a proper documentation. When you connect one of the supported sensors when booting the kit will auto-detect it and enable it for publishing.


The data from this sensors is only saved on the sd card, for now we don’t support displaying this on the platform only the default urban board sensors will be displayed.

This is a resumed list for the sensors we support until now:

Smartcitizen Gases Pro Board - supports 3 electrochemical alphasense sensors, temperature and humidity.
Smartcitizen PM Board Supports 2 Plantower PMS5003 sensors, I2C extension, 4 ADC pins, 2 GPIO and a UART Serial port.

Seeed Groove ADC
Adafruit INA219 Supports Bus voltage, Shunt voltage, Current and Load voltage.
DS18B20 Water Temperature
Atlas Scientific Temperature
Atlas Scientific PH
Atlas Scientific Conductivity Supports reading conductivity and Specific gravity.
Atlas Scientific Dissolved Oxygen Suports Dissolved Oxygen and DO Saturation.
Chirp Soil Moisture Supports Soil Moisture, Soil Moisture percent (requires calibration), Temperature and Light.
Seeed Grove SHT31 Temperature/Humidity
SparkFun ToF Range Finder Sensor - VL6180 Souprts distance and Light.
Adafruit BME680 Supports Temperature, Humidity, Barometric Pressure and VOC gas.
Seeed Groove OLED screen (96x96) Cycles through sensor readings.

We will work on documenting the process of integrating new sensors, so anyone can do it and share it with the community!
As soon as we have any update we will post it here.



As usual, we added a WIP page on the documentation that relates to this. You can find it here.

Hope it helps!