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Local interface


Is there an official way to retrieve sensor readings directly from the kit using only the local network ?

The only way that appears to me for the moment is to modify the firmware to send MQTT to a local host instead of your website (meaning I’m not sharing my measurements any more)

Thank you for your answer.


If you want to retrieve them from the local network before they reach the platform there are two options:

  1. As you suggested, you can run your own local MQTT broker. You could even run the broker on a Raspberry Pi and even use a tool like Node Red to feed the data into any other platform or even relay the data after to If you don’t want to change the end-point on the firmware, you could even change your LAN DNS to redirect to your local server.

Here the configuration on the firmware:

  1. Another option is to run the full Smart Citizen platform locally. That is maybe to complex for a home project but keep in mind it is opensource, and you could run an instance for your project.

Hope it helps!

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Thank you for your answer.

I’ll probably modify indeed the MQTT parameters to get them directly when I’ll have a little of free time in spare.