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Mainland China Location Set up!

Hi Fellow users!
I need some input on how those in mainland china established their locations. Specifically Argus, down in ningbo :slight_smile: If you could be so kind to give some inputs on how you set the location. I can’t get mine established as it doesn’t save the location even though the configuration says that it is saved…and therefore I can’t upload any data.
I have been attempting for over a month now with different vpns, without vpn and on different wifis…so any help would be really appreciated.

Thanks from Shanghai.

Hi Polites,

thanks for writting us:

  • Your kit has a valid location but it will not appear in the map till it does post data on-line.

  • About your issues connecting we just check it and your kit is properly registered. Could you please run the setup process again an ensure you are running the latest firmware version?

If you keep having problems please contact us directly on