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Map location changes

I have moved my kit and am trying to change the location on the map.

If I try and drag to a new location on the edit interface within my account, after hitting save doesn’t seem to make any changes.

Is there are a problem or am I doing something wrong?

I see this was reported a long time ago and the response was that it was fixed, but I still seem to be having the same problem

Many thanks


@andy could you give us a link to your device or it’s id?

I just tried it on some of my devices, and they actually update on the map, but it is not precise, so we are currently looking into that!

EDIT: We discovered that the blue marker it self does not do anything. It does not matter if you move it!
The new location will be the center of the map!
So to be accurate, we need to zoom in and make sure the center of the map is the real location.

We are working on a better solution, like fixing the blue marker to be in the middle, or, simply making the blue marker work like it is supposed to.

Update: This was a bug in the frontend which has now been fixed. Thanks for reporting @andy!

Sorry I didn’t reply to this. I followed your advice and now have the unit pretty near where it really is, many thanks