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Most kits offline

Hi, I can see from the map that there are lots of kits registered in the greater area of Barcelona but most of them are offline…
Perhaps we should enthuse the users again to leave them online…

I live in Barcelona, and yes, there are a lot offline devices.

I guess most of them were part of a public project and now there’s no one behind them. Others are in schools and perhaps the teacher responsable just left. I’ve seen many which are “Sentilo Noise” sensors and suppose they are located in public infraestructure difficult to access.

That’s really a pity because they could produce a large amount of environmental data…but…

Hi @AndreasManz, !

The sensors are dynamic entities. There are different situations for each one of the sensors. I agree that some of the sensors might not be used, but others don’t necessarily have to be.

Since one physical device can be registered unlimited times, many of the virtual devices that you see were probably online for a certain test and now they are being used somewhere else, for another test. In fact, that is encouraged so that you can reuse the device in different conditions.

Nevertheless, of course, spreading the word and encouraging to keep it up is important, and that has to come not only from us (the team) but more the community of users themselves!

Hi, Oscar,!
Thanks for your comments.
From the map I can see that it’s around 800 sensors offline against 28 online…
Even taking into account your appreciations, Oscar, from my view that’s a lot of wasted data.