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Mounting of sensors

Repost from FB group “Functional 3D printing”

I was faced with the consequences of having decided upon a environmental VOC sensor Sciosense ENS160 that comes with companion temp/hum ENS210 on a tiny board 10 mm wide (because) of having no visible means of support. No screw holes etc. And no place for it inside the main enclosure because it needs access to outside air.

3DP to the rescue. It’s not the most elegant solution but functional. I am sure there are better designs. But I did this one all by myself in a few painstaking hours. And made it in one go, no rework.

It allows the sensor to live outside the enclosure while not dangling in the breeze. It attaches to the enclosure with just one repurposed existing screw. The board is suspended inside by 8 tiny conical pieces. The conical shape designed to discourage heat flow and hold the board without any pressure.
Vent holes with <0.5 mm openings allow air to circulate around the sensors without allowing ingress of insects.
Time will tell if I need to use a different material, because of exposure to the elements, and because the device can get quite hot. Inside the chip are 4 MOS sensor plates heated to different (high) temperatures.
This enclosure fabricated using a Prusa Mk3S+, Fusion360, PrusaSlicer and Prusament PLA.
The primary function of this build is protection from the elements and ingress of insects.

I am happy to share this design (via the GitHub repository )and related board mounts for SCS for the extra boards inside the enclosure if there is sufficient interest. (Please comment here to push me) I also need write access and a folder in which to place the files.