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Multiple sensor probes connected to a single data board

Hello! We are a group of researchers + designers organizing a workshop where we will build a clay and mycelium structure in order to monitor the microclimatic conditions occurring in and around the structure. For this, we need an array of temp, soil moisture, and RH sensor connected to one board. This is important for the physical assembly of the system and its efficiency. Is it possible?

The SmartCitizen system, as you can see in the documentation, at base level consists of two boards.

One comprises the MCU which operates data collection and publishing functions. The other comprises a number of sensors including temperature, RH, light, VOC gases, sound level and dust.
The two boards mate together into one assembly comprising the Smart Citizen Kit. This kind of design allows the system to fit into a compact space; optimized for its intended use-case.
Perhaps that meets your criteria as “one board,” perhaps not.
There are extensions to the system that are available and these include soil moisture, water quality and similar probes from Atlas Scientific. These connect to SmartCitizen using I2C protocol connection available via the ‘Aux’ connection that has a ‘Grove’ connector.

Normally the Smart citizen boards are available to buy from commercial supplier Seeed Studios; but currently they are out of stock. Also due to changes in chip availability and other factors the Urban Sensor board is undergoing redesign.

Is it possible to rebuild the system onto just one board ? Well yes of course but it will become a custom board You could use the design of the smart citizen system as a template because all of the circuits and PCB layouts etc are available and the licensing is all ‘open source’. But it’s something you would need to do yourself. Perhaps one of your team is an electronics engineer with skills needed to design a PCB.?