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New board, no connection?

Today I received my brand new SCK 1.1 thanks for that. I’m excited to get this machine working :slight_smile:

Some questions:

  • Is it correct that there are no memorycard or batteries included?
  • Which type of batteries do I need?
  • As I do not see live after connecting the board through the USB connector… Is it correct that the board won’t work without batteries?

My Arduino UNO comes up perfectly, but this one won’t.

In the IDE: I did change my board setting to the Lillypad USB.
The Port setting is greyed out (so it does not see any COM port comin alive)



  • I figured out that the grey package is not the packaging on a solar cell but … a serious battery.
  • With quite some force I managed to get the battery connector in the connector of the board. (Maybe th ebattery should be connected before the USB will work)
  • Surprised, before I connected the USB again… I saw something coming alive (some blue…then Yellow, green)
  • I connected the USB nothing
  • Connected again but did coincidently push the button above the Micro-usb… more coming alive! Lots of blue, everything looks alive now.

So, two questions left open:

  • no memory card needed / included, right?
  • no button cell batteries needed / included, right?


Hey, an update… even though the browsers were giving me several issues (At the end, Chrome brought me to the finish)… the kit works like a charm! Sensors OK, Wifi OK, Battery OK… Thanks for the good work!

Hi @bvdfeen,
Welcome aboard!! It looks like you got everything working and you’re posting data.

Two answers for your two questions:

  • Memory cards are not required, nor supplied with your SCK.
    -The button cell battery isn’t required/ supplied either. If you want one, it is a CR1220. But as long as your primary battery is attached, and has juice, it isn’t needed.

SCK 685

Cool Rohwer, thanks for the welcome, and for the answers :-).

Today I created a nice housing for this beauty and it went outdoors.

It’s on constant USB power as that is available on the location and that cannot be said about sunshine. As it is on USB power I also set it on a pretty high sample rate and update frequency.

I made a photo report of my housing project. What is a place to share that with others?


Hi @bvdfeen,

My SCK has been on constant USB power for almost a year. You should enjoy fewer issues with your’s as well.

You can post the pictures or a link in the forum. If you’ve designed something that can be 3D printed, post a link to the files so others can take advantage of your (if you’re willing to share them).