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New Smartcitizen kit Problem in finishing the Account setup on Account Step 2; Entering Location problem

Good morning friends,

I purchased smartcitizen kit with battery and Wi-Fi module and it arrived 3 weeks ago to my destination. I have been trying since then to connect my kit to smartcitizen cloud server using my Wi-Fi router but to no successful. But luckily today, I was able to successfully connect my kit to the smartcitizen online server but for stuck in the last step(ACCOUNT STEP 2) where it asked me to enter an address or my location; I did enter my location AWKA, Nigeria but it three an error message in RED COLOR saying You should write An Address Or A location.

After that it could connect my to smartcitizen server.

I have tried this several times and it kept on throwing up the same error message.

Please what could be the problem and what can I do to be able to fully connect to the smartcitizen portal?

Thank you.