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New tag request in Taiwan and others

Hello there,

I would like to add one tag to the platform for our project “Invisible Matters,” currently our sensors are located in Taiwan.

We are building a network for sonification and other creative applications and would like to allow users to add the tag to join.

The tag would be:

Thank you!


Great! Could you give us a short description of the project? This will appear alongside with the tag. A short sentence work.

Hi @stu84096 and welcome also

Just FYI I am also in Taiwan (Taichung) and working on Smart Citizen as a hobby project. My side interests include environmental matters of course.

I read through the English part of your website and find the scope interesting. I didn’t know Mexico was in South America !!

If you need any help let me know and I might join with your organisation when I learn more about it.

Bryn Parrott

Hi! Sorry for the late reply. I didn’t see the notification. Here is a short description of the project. Here is a website but still under construction.

“Invisible Matters” considers weather as an artist‘s medium that connects us to the world and each other through the air, water, and sunlight that carry sensations to our human and machinic receptors.

Thank you for helps!


Hi Bryn!

Thanks for the heads up! We have made a correction in the website texts. We had a small exhibition in Taipei Treasure Hill presenting some prototype installations and are currently seeking support from institutions in Mexico or Taiwan to allow us to continue developing different projects. Let’s keep in touch!