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New Tags for Konstanz

Hi there,

we would like to have three new tags for our project in Konstanz:


That would be great, thanks a lot


Could you give us a short description for each of them?


#CoKLIMAx is the project for the usage of Satellite Data and In-Situ Data in the context of climate resillient urban planning, in which we coorperate with MINKE

#StadtKonstanz: The city of Constanze also ownes some SCKs and we would like to bring some order into that because for CoKLIMAx we will use the data of these Kits as well

#SensingCity: the lecture at HTWG Konstanz uses SCKs from MINKE and CoKLIMAx

With the new Tags we’d like to get a better overview of who installed the Kits in which project.

Best wishes


Sorry, I think I didn’t explain myself correctly: the description we need needs to be a short description for the platform to show when looking for those devices.

An example is here:

"name": "TwinAIR",
"description": "Digital Twins Enabled Indoor Air Quality Management for Healthy Living - HORIZON-HLTH-2021-ENVHLTH-02"

Can you maybe update it to match that format? It doesn’t need to be formal.

Here they are!

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