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No nitrogen data for kit 1938 after two days from reboot


hi all,
I am a new user since this month
my kit displays nitrogen data for two days, then displays 0 values

could you please help me?

thank you very much,
fornoalpigraie admin


Hi @fornoalpigraie, I am sorry to read that you are facing issues with the CO/NO2 sensor readings. Please, disconnect the shield from the base board and connect it again to check if any pin contact is not working properly. If this does not work, please, let us know. All the best.


thank you very much,
I will check on sunday when I will be there
best regards


Here I am again.

I disconnected the base board and restarted the kit, but the behaviour is the same: no more data for NO2 after two days, CO data seems ok

could you please help me?

best regards,
fornoalpigraie admin


Hi @fornoalpigraie, Sorry for the late response. I hope you are doing fine. Please, contact us via so we can give you personalized attention regarding the issues you are facing with the NO2 sensor readings!! Looking forward to hearing from you. Best