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Not Updating after configuration

I have configured my Smart Citizen Kit using the Set-up tool and also using the Manual set up but I can’t get it to update. Very frustrating.

First the Set-Up tool kit – --
I go to the Configuration menu and do START PROCESS.
It says firmware up to date
I load my wifi network (my handphone hotspot, much less than 32 characters)
I hit sync,
It replies “done, reset kit”

I enter the mac address and reset the kit and go back to my sensors page

always says, “last update 17 days ago”
It Never updates . . .

I added another network, so now it has the local public open wifi, and also my cellphone hotspot.

always says, “last update 17 days ago”
It Never updates . . .

Next manual update – --
I open my Arduino SDK get the serial monitor running.
I follow all commands to enter my wifi network.
All commands are accepted with AOK!

After I exit it says:

<4.41> EXIT
SCK Waking up…
Error in connectionn!!
SCK Sleeping

Temperature: 27320 C RAW
Humidity: 24472 % RAW
Light: 961.80 lx
Battery: 100.00 %
Solar Panel: 0 mV
Carbon Monxide: 475.15 kOhm
Nitrogen Dioxide: 20.56 kOhm
Noise: 0 mV
Wifi Spots: 0
UTC: 2000-01-01 00:22:49

SCK Waking up…

and goes on cycling like that…

I feel that the problem is that it is not connecting to the wifi (I guess the Wifi Spots: 0 points to that…).
I think I have been through the configuration steps at least 5 times, so now I am concerned that I have entered so many wifi networks, that I have it confused, or maybe none were ever accepted properly at all. Is there any way to see what wifi networks it currently has registered and delete some if entered incorrectly? Can I choose which wifi network to try first?
Any tips for debugging my above problem, with specific pointers for debugging wifi issues?

Here is my sck information:
name: drew345
location: Seoul, South Korea
Mac Address: 00:06:66:22:39:8B
API: f89b2ced0d52f115d98fa2ba2e6ef3c02e1b70fb

I have downloaded the lastest software (0.9.2) and I see the SCK_check utilities in there, but I am not sure how to run them. Do I move that utility folder into my Arduino IDE folder? and then open the Arduino IDE and do what? Thanks

NEvermind, works fine today. I think I had a slow internet connection yesterday and it made the configuration window really jumpy and hard to use. I had a better connection today and could easily scroll through all the wifi networks I installed yesterday and deleted / corrected them.

Just as a note / Not sure where to write this suggestion / Many of the smart citizen web pages have that map will thousands of devices uploading information to and that map runs really slowly. That map kills any but the fastest internet connections (even in South Korea) and having it as a background on the home page as well as many of the other pages makes the website really unwieldy. Thank you