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Offline data synced when back online?

I have a 2.1 kit that has been running great for the past few months. It is connected to a small solar panel and has the battery plugged in so it almost never goes offline due to power.

But I have setup my wifi to stop at night, between 1am and 7am. I was hoping that with the SD card plugged in, when the wifi goes offline, the sensor would save the data to the sd card and then upload it when the wifi comes back on, but this is not happening apparently.

When I look at the graphs the data just stops during this interval. It’s not a major issue really :slight_smile: but is there any way to have the offline sync working?

The offline storage piece is definitely working. The SCK Bike kit uses it (for example).

Please can you determine your firmware versions and post it here.

Also please advise the capacity of your SD card, and what files are stored on it (sizes). {You can turn off the kit, remove it, check it with your pc.}
Ideally this to be done just before kit is due to publish a set of readings, to observe size of readings file.

Thanks @bryn.parrott, you were right about the firmware version. I updated to the latest one published a few days ago and all seems to be working now :slight_smile:

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