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OLED Display. HELP!

I bought from SeeedStudio a Grove OLED display for my SCK. Unfortunately, they did not send the old one, but the new V2 version:

and it does not work!

Any hope to have it supported in the next firmware release?

I am reluctant to mess with firmware, any error would brick my unique (and expensive) SCK, however, with help and detailed information, I could try.

But an official release would be a lot better.

Things are even worse: I managed to buy another OLED display, the right version and… guess what? IT DOES NOT WORK!!!

50 € thrown into the basket…

So the question: is Documentation reliable?

looking forward to receiving an answer from the developers @oscgonfer, @pral2a

In a separate thread, I am also having trouble with the Grooove OLED. Mine is V2 (128x128).

Checked I2c OK
Checked Code OK
Checked Config via terminal, its enabled (OK).

Observed OLED operating in small hours of the morning after midnight.
Later the same day in daylight hours, its not working again.