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Ordering hardware

I am trying to order the hardware, but can’t even pre-order, there is non working “pre-order” link in the order your kit pop-up screen . I can email the store but they point me back to the website, I am in a vicious circle. Am I the only one?

solved it myself, just ordered it through acrobatic industries website

Hi LeoHe,

As we published some months ago we are not working with Acrobotic anymore:

Important news: we are not connected with Acrobotic anymore. They are offering our kits without our permission in their website. Asked many times to solve this problem and no response. For more info email us at

We produced a batch two months ago and we already run out of stock. Next batch will take a little bit more than expected since we are working on a full new version of the Smart Citizen Kit, big new coming soon!