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Outdoor housing?

Dear smartcitizens,
What is your favoured outdoor housing?
I wonder how long my SCK will last out there…
Please post your photos!


Very good idea @Klabauter101! :slight_smile: We are also eager to see your custom outdoor housing designs or configurations, our beloved Smart Citizens. Let’s keep the good vibe going! All the best. :wink:

Hi Aitoraloa!
I have my SCK on my balcony now:

–> This is very much outdoors, exposed to rain and weather!

The provided housing does not really take care of the wiring…

and caused my solar panel wires to short-circuit.

I fixed it, but it is a pain in the #*%& to squeeze the PCB+wires in the housing every time!
–> Where can I get the 3D-Data for the housing?

Very best regards

P.S.: Please post your photos and experience of housing and lifetime here.

I got the housing-3D-data!

Hi Klaus, :slight_smile: It is nice to see your SCK up un running. You are right. The provided enclosure does not have the necessary holes to wire the Solar Panel. Another user also spotted this during the weekend. I was going to share the thingiverse link with you but I see you have been faster. All the best. :slight_smile:

Well… :
I run the cables through the air-vent-holes, but it is way too tight!
I could not really recommend this housing for anyone who wants it stand-alone with a battery and the panel.

Have a look at my housing. Works great (SCK 1918), it is cheap and absolutely weatherproof!

Hi @bvdfeen,

Thanks Ben, I love the build process photos. A few questions:

-How does the air flow in and out? (If it’s sealed, I would expect to see constant reading for CO and NO2, but your graph shows a change)
-Do you see a dramatic change in the sound readings? (I’d expect the sound to be reduced by the case)

I use a modified 3D printed case with the original acrylic case cover to account for both those issues. I don’t have to worry about rain or snow since my SCK lives in my garage.

SCK 685

Hi matt,

Thanks :-). Your casing outclasses mine, that is for sure. But hey, I’m just a beginner ;-).

Airflow is taken care of. If you look at the picture with the USB connector you might see three holes (in fact four if you include the one on the back of the housing) . These are meant for the tubes carrying the power wires. I opened these holes to allow air flow through. I sticked wire gauze on the holes to avoid insects creeping in.

Also holes are lower than the print, so even if a drop of water gets in, the print won’t het wet and the drop dissappears through the bottom hole again. Even when the water gets more than 2 meters high (possible as we are 4 meters below sealevel here), the print stays dry in an air bubble… however the wifi access point might have given up by then ;-).

Also the sound does come through the three holes quite well. The reading you see on the sound is from the wind (it is very quiet around here… it’s a golf course)

If your kit is in the Garage… where does the light reading come from? Ahh, window? Or is your garage part of your home?

(SCK 1918)

Hi Ben,

Thanks for the explanation. I was sure there was a reason for the case (and modifications) you’re using.

My garage is connected to my home, but it isn’t climate controlled, and yes, my SCK is mounted only a few centimeters from a window.

SCK 685