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Persistent green light during onboarding

Hi @doktorkampi,

Can you type this in the terminal?

shell -on

And then:


Then can you post the output here? We will send you an update accordingly.


Hardware Version: 2.1
SAM Hardware ID: 3DBDAA2C50515157382E3120FF0F1006
SAM version: 0.9.6-53fba6b
SAM build date: 2019-08-27T16:58:01Z
ESP MAC address: not synced
ESP version: not synced
ESP build date: not synced


Some extra things to try out:

  1. Connect the urban board to the kit and the pm sensor
  2. Open the shell again and type:
shell -on
  1. Then type:
  1. If the output to that is a list of sensors (Temperature, humidity…) Check that all of them are present.
  2. Then, one by one, try to
read <sensor>

Where <sensor> is temp, hum, pm 1, light… You don’t need to type the whole name. Each sensor from the list above should give you a reading. If not, there might be a problem. Be careful with the CCS811 (eco2 and vocs) because it will take 5 minutes to give valid readings.

If all that works:
6. Type the following:

config -mode sdcard

Give it 5-10 minutes and then check is there is data in the sd card for that day.

If all that works:
7. Type the following

config -mode network -wifi "<YOUR-SSID>" "<YOUR-PASSWORD>" -token <YOUR-TOKEN> 

Be careful with the “” in each keyword. The token can be anything at this moment (123456 works). The token doesn’t have “”.

Let us know!

All I get is “ERROR sensor not found” with every sensor I try.

And after that, “Restarting ESP, ESP off, ESP on” over and over again.

What is ESP?

Could the connexion between the to boards be broken?

Thanks a lot


The ESP is the chip that manages the communications (bottom-right corner in the pictures here).

It looks like there is an actual problem with the hardware. We will contact via PM/mail for more details.