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Persistent green light during onboarding

Hi, I am trying to get the SCK 2.1 working, but when I reach the stage where I need to push the button for the light to turn red, it continues to pulse green, I have pressed it repeatedly and switched it off and on again but I still cannot get past this stage, does anyone know what to do?

Thanks, Lyndon.

Hey! Same problem here…

I tried to factory reset it unsuccessfully. The I tried to update the firmware (which by the way I though it was SCK 2.1 but it appears to be SCK 2.0 - I tried both updates anyway).

The thing is, when I try to access during setup I cannot, as it requires a password. Does it make any sense?


So it seems that this has happened to you too. How do I update the firmware? I haven’t tried that yet.

Thanks, Lyndon.

It’s very simple:

Hey @oscgonfer @pral2a any idea why the kit is now asking my for a password to onboard?

Ok thank you, are you trying to connect the smart citizen device with a computer or your phone?

Thanks, Lyndon.

I’ve tried both, none of them worked.

Hi @L.J.Ship

Any luck with it?

A persistent green blinking might indicate your Kit is in software update mode

We suggest you press the button for 15 seconds and after you do a full power reset by removing the battery and the USB cable. You can do a complete reboot with the Reset button, but the previous is even safer

Let us know if the problem persists

I tried to factory reset it but the problem persisted. Isn’t it weird that a password to log in the onboarding process is required?

Hi @doktorkampi,

My answer was for @L.J.Ship. Could you share a screenshot were it’s asking you for the password?

Thank you

Hello @pral2a

I tried holding the button for 15 and even 20 seconds and the green light continued to flash, then I disconnected the battery, but upon reconnecting it the green light began to flash again, I’m afraid. I received the SCK 2:1 kit intact and it appears to access the reset button would require dismantling the device, do you have any further suggestions?

Kind regards, Lyndon.

It happens before I can log in.

Sorry, could you detail more on your issue? Do you mean you have to type a password to connect to the SmartCitizen[…] Wi-Fi setup network?


That’s exactly what it happens. This way I cannot start the on-boarding process.
Any hints? I already factory-reset the kit and updated it as well.

It isn’t possible the SmartCitizen[…] Wi-Fi network is asking you for a password to connect to it. There’s no code implementation for that in firmware. Are you sure you are trying to connect to the right network? It looks above the network’s called SMA1930107624

Could you share a screenshot at the list of networks you see on your Android network page?


I see what’s happening… SMA1930107624 wasn’t de SmartCitizen network.

The led is red and slowly blinking, but I cannot see the SmartCitizen network. I factory reset it several times. When I push the main button, I get a fast-blinking green light.

It seemed that this could be a problem related to low-battery and I did connect to the SmartCitizen network but I think I entered the worng password of my WiFi network and it’s not working. Now that is constantly connected I cannot see the SmartCitizen’s network to start the onboarding process.

Any hints? Thanks!

Ok, now I’m totally lost. I followed instructions from but still I cannot see the network. I don’t know what happened some days ago, as it started to work for some hours and then it went down again. Is it possible that the kit is broken?

Thank you

Hi Looks like you have same problem as me, if expect some help here, better asking Santa, you will get faster response. Device stopped after storm

I finally get mine back working again but it’s still unstable.
Try remove Sensor Board and check if it’s connecting again. If yes, use a hair cooler to dry the pcb sensor and laser PM sensor. Reinstall and try.



I thought it was solved after our discussion. TL;DR, There could be a problem with your urban board (an indicator of it could be corrosion and blue powder near the sensors in the urban board).

To clarify, the normal behaviour is specified in the docs. Also, water issues are discussed here. If this is not helping, then some things to test:

  1. Disconnect all power (USB + battery). Disconnect Urban board too, and power it back via USB only. Wait until the kit wakes up and try to put the kit in setup mode:
  • If this step doesn’t work, there is a problem with the board that will be difficult to debug remotely. If you have an option to use the shell, we can see what the output is (paste it here)
  • If this works, move to next step.
  1. Disconnect all power (USB + battery). Connect Urban board, without PM sensor and power it back via USB. Wait until the kit wakes up and try to put the kit in setup mode.
  • If this step doesn’t work, probably the urban board needs to be fixed or replacement. You can try to dry it up with a hair blower. Look for signs of corrosion and see below for arrangement.
  • If this works, move to next step.
  1. Disconnect all power (USB + battery). Connect Urban board, and PM sensor, and power it back via USB only. Wait until the kit wakes up and try to put the kit in setup mode.
  • If this step doesn’t work, probably the PM sensor needs replacement. Same as above for arrangement.

Hope this helps. Please contact us (if you purchased it through us directly), or SEEED studio otherwise if the conclusions show that the sensors are damaged.


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Hi @oscgonfer,

It worked only for some time…

I tried to follow the steps you suggested and I got stuck in the very first one.

The message I receive when I use the shell is a repeating over and over:

Restarting ESP…
ESP off…
ESP on…
Restarting ESP…
ESP off…
ESP on…

Any hint?

Thanks a lot