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Persistent green light during onboarding

Hi, I am trying to get the SCK 2.1 working, but when I reach the stage where I need to push the button for the light to turn red, it continues to pulse green, I have pressed it repeatedly and switched it off and on again but I still cannot get past this stage, does anyone know what to do?

Thanks, Lyndon.

Hey! Same problem here…

I tried to factory reset it unsuccessfully. The I tried to update the firmware (which by the way I though it was SCK 2.1 but it appears to be SCK 2.0 - I tried both updates anyway).

The thing is, when I try to access during setup I cannot, as it requires a password. Does it make any sense?


So it seems that this has happened to you too. How do I update the firmware? I haven’t tried that yet.

Thanks, Lyndon.

It’s very simple:

Hey @oscgonfer @pral2a any idea why the kit is now asking my for a password to onboard?

Ok thank you, are you trying to connect the smart citizen device with a computer or your phone?

Thanks, Lyndon.

I’ve tried both, none of them worked.

Hi @L.J.Ship

Any luck with it?

A persistent green blinking might indicate your Kit is in software update mode

We suggest you press the button for 15 seconds and after you do a full power reset by removing the battery and the USB cable. You can do a complete reboot with the Reset button, but the previous is even safer

Let us know if the problem persists

I tried to factory reset it but the problem persisted. Isn’t it weird that a password to log in the onboarding process is required?

Hi @doktorkampi,

My answer was for @L.J.Ship. Could you share a screenshot were it’s asking you for the password?

Thank you

Hello @pral2a

I tried holding the button for 15 and even 20 seconds and the green light continued to flash, then I disconnected the battery, but upon reconnecting it the green light began to flash again, I’m afraid. I received the SCK 2:1 kit intact and it appears to access the reset button would require dismantling the device, do you have any further suggestions?

Kind regards, Lyndon.