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Plantower sensor always stops

My new SCK 2.1 is connected and working, either with battery or USB power. After a few seconds, however, the PM sensor fan stops and never restarts. I have tried various power supplies and cables, but always with the same stopping result. Blue plastic is off and I don’t notice anything in the way of airflow.

I notice I have no history for tvoc or eCO2; also history of zero all the time for the PM categories.

hostname: Smartcitizen7088

ESPversion: 0.9.8

ESPcommit: e283e58

ESPbuilddate: 2021-08-26T16:39:05Z

SAMversion: 0.9.8

SAMcommit: e283e58

SAMbuilddate: 2021-08-26T16:38:29Z

updateNeeded: false

I’d appreciate any help. Thanks!

Duane E.

Take a look at this thread and check the troubleshooting steps.

This may be the same problem as the two of us are having.

Wonder if it’s hardware and they shipped a bad batch of the PMS5003, or if perhaps the 0.9.8 firmware introduced a regression?

Thanks for the response. Using the “CLI” would be a first time experience for me, but I may be forced to try digging into that. It won’t be today though.
What I do know is that the PMS5003 is working. It just always stops and that’s a pretty good explanation for all my particulate matter readings being 0. To me, that would suggest this is not a hardware issue. Add to that my eCO2 reading which started as 400, but is now always 411–which is more likely not a reading at all.
Still more telling would seem to be that while I see history for all other things, there is no history at all for eCO2. It is also totally absent for TVOC.
At least in my case, there is more wrong here than just the PMS5003.
Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help. It kind of seems that we are trying to deal with the same thing.

Wonder if it’s hardware and they shipped a bad batch of the PMS5003

I am leaning towards the bad batch idea; In fact I have a thought that Seeed Studios might have dropped the ball on QA testing. Something for FablabBCN to discuss with them. Your testing evidence and others too is ammunition for that discussion. @pral2a1 @pral2a

After working with the IDE, I find:
PMS5003 fan is always silent/off EXCEPT . . .
“read pm” turns on the fan and it stays on until next read, when it turns off.
“monitor pm” also keeps the fan on, but always reports only 0
jtleniger’s post shows VOC and eco2 sensors enabled; mine are always disabled
they refuse to be enabled, showing only “unrecognized command”
why eco2 at 411 and 1 VOC are still published–I don’t understand
a new install of github 9.8 firmware changes nothing
This seems to indicate trouble beyond or other than a bad sensor since part of the problem is that the firmware also refuses to allow below 60 seconds for the sensor interval.

My General understanding from other threads is that the PM Sensor is turned on only just before it is to be read; then turned off afterwards. This is done to save power. Also understood that the PM sensor requires a few seconds (15 ?) to get up to speed and warmed up before a reading. So, the turning on and off behaviour is deliberate ie ‘normal’. Also; turning the thing off will make it last longer; as less dusty air will pass through which could clog the sensor in some applications. (noting @oscgonfer earlier comment)
Saving power in context that some kits are run on batteries (only) such as the bike project.

Other than that I cannot comment; but I will be looking at the code for my own purpose later today or later this week; I can check it out to see if there is anything obvious ; cannot promise anything.
@victor or @oscgonfer could comment further.


PM sensor should be only on during 15s every measurement interval. Per default, the sensor interval is 60s for all the sensors, but the PM sensor is every 5’, so it would be on for 15s, then off until the 5’ are over. Is the behavior as described or does it never turn on again after 5’?

Regarding eCO2 and tVOC: the sensors are off until the stabilization period is over, which is 5’ after boot. Then, they should measure normally. Do they measure after 5’?


The PM sensor never turned on at all, unless I went into the shell and said “read” or “monitor.” Then it would turn on, but never reported anything but zero for PM.

The eCO2 and tVOC sensors are shown as disabled and refuse a command to be enabled.

In the last couple of days, however, nothing works at all. All I have is a flashing green LED. I’m not able to do any kind of reset no matter what I try. I have disconnected everything and started again, but still there is nothing but a flashing green LED.

I’d be happy to hear what I can do about this,

Hi @duerstad,

This is clearly a hardware issue that would fall into SEEED’s warranty conditions. This is the email you should write to:

You can mention this forum post for their reference.

Apologies for the issues. I hope it gets resolved