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Platform stopped Receiving updates


I got 2 messages that my kit wasn’t publishing but after a reset, checking the Wi-Fi and confirming LED status are ok (blue-green), then I realized that only 1 kits was online. Maybe a server is down?

Also I did a factory reset to get a new Token, will my Kit info remain the same? Do I need to somehow recover the old Token to keep the same kits info?

The images follow:2020_05_28_17_14_16_Window


Many thanks!

Looking at it seems like they are having some downtime today.

My device is still down since yesterday afternoon. It’s sending data to the server but the server is not publishing it.
Something similar happened last summer (or two summers ago).

Hello everyone,

Thanks for posting your issue here. Yes, we had a problem in the MQTT ingestion pipeline used by the SCK 1.5 onwards. Some weeks ago, we set a backup system to avoid this situation, but we can’t confirm yet we’ll be able to recover the data posted during that period.

To avoid loosing data, we always suggest using a microSD card with your Kit so you can later re-upload the data


Using the option “Download CSV”, you get the data from the server or form de SD card? I guess from the server because I didn’t get the data while the server was stopped.

So as long as I suppose, I have to use the SD from the device to upload the data to the plattform.

Yes, when you have an SD card inserted in your Kit data will be recorded there as a backup. Later you can re-upload the data on the platform using the SD Card Upload option. Data will be merged automatically by the platform.

Hope it helps!