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Problems with CO sensor?

My sensor seems to be having some problems with it’s CO sensor as it is detecting between 700 and 1000 PPM of CO. From what I have read it sounds like 150 to 200 is normally fatal so I’m pretty sure my sensor is broken as my carbon monoxide detectors in my house aren’t going off.

Anyone else having any issues?

My sensor is the only one in the state of Iowa in the US, so you can see my history.

I want to place my sensor outside, but the 3d printed case doesn’t work with the battery I was sent (there is an electronic something next to the battery plug that was shrink wrapped right next to the connector which doesn’t allow me to bend the wire around the circuit board.).

Hi @ToddVolz,

Note that we are NOT currently displaying ppm. We are showing you the actual resistance our your sensor in KΩ. Also known as RS. You can read more about this topic here:

Regarding the 3D Printed case and the battery, there is nothing electronic under the heat shrink. Just a cable splicing as the batteries were sent with the wrong polarity. You could gently blend the cables to make the kit fit in the enclosure. Another option would be buy a 2 pin JST cable ( and solder it directly to the battery or modify the enclosure as you can see here:

I hope this info helps. Please, let us know how it goes.

Kind regards. :slight_smile:

Hi @ToodVols,

I stretched my 3D printed case to fit everthing ( the note give the exact dimensions). I’m going to print a cover that incorporates the original acrylic this weekend. I’ll post my findings when it’s done.

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