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Hello Everyone,

I have a SmartCitizen SCK 2.1 kit, I am in the process of moving it outside and hence need a battery as power is not available in the deployment location. Can somebody recommend a battery (preferably preterminated with the correct polarity and connector) for order in the UK?

Best Regards,


Hi Rob,

The SCK2.1 uses a JST battery connector with 2 pins. This is the standard connector for batteries of this size. The battery provided is a LiPo.

The best direct replacement Pimoroni (UK based) offers for the battery provided in the SCK2.1 kit option I think is this item:

While a Lithium Ion battery should work (same voltage), I’m not sure about the SCK2.1 charging behaviour and how that impacts the battery. I really don’t know enough about it and as a result I would stay with a LiPo myself.


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Thanks Cyrille,

That is a great help I have one on order. Many thanks :slight_smile:

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