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Push sensor data to other platforms i.e Streamr Network

Hi! Noob here :grin:

I have a SCK and a Raspberry Pi and I’d like to start publishing data gathered by my SCK to Streamr Network, which is a decentralised platform for real-time data. My goal is to raise awareness about noise pollution created by overflights in a neighbourhood on the outskirts of Madrid. So, my main question is - how can I access the data collected by my SCK in order to publish it on the cloud? The ‘cloud’ being Streamr in this case.

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First of all, welcome! And second of all, apologies for responding so late!

Maybe have a look at this post to get access to the data. After that you can program something to integrate the streamr API.

If you want to send data to another platform, an approach like the one we follow in scdata, in particular the connectors. This approach needs of a python class with methods for getting and posting data (see the classes here). Then it’s easy to create forwarding recipes and definitions such as this one: smartcitizen-data/nilu.json at master · fablabbcn/smartcitizen-data · GitHub

Let us know!