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Registering MAC address fails

I have an old Legacy 1.1 SCK that I managed to reboot, update the firmware and even connect to WiFi thanks to great instructions everywhere.
I can see it reading, operating and saying

SCK Connected!!
updates = 1
 Posted to Server!
Old connection active. Closing...

I tried with my old account to update the MAC aadress, but it has not yet started posting so I created a new account and added the SCK here.

Is there a way to get it to update or is the Chrome extension discontinued?



It’s great that you’ve managed to reboot and update your Legacy 1.1 SCK and connect it to WiFi. However, it seems like you’re encountering some issues with updating the device and registering its MAC address. Here’s some guidance on what you can try:

Check for Compatibility: Ensure that the Chrome extension or any other related software you’re using is compatible with your Legacy 1.1 SCK’s firmware version. Sometimes, older devices may not be fully supported by the latest software updates.

Update Firmware: Verify if there are any available firmware updates for your device. Outdated firmware can lead to compatibility issues. If there are updates, apply them following the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

MAC Address Registration: If you’re unable to register the MAC address on your old account, it might be a limitation of the platform or service you’re using. Reach mcdvoice out to the support team or community forums of that service to inquire about any specific issues related to MAC address registration.

New Account: Since you’ve created a new account and added the SCK there, make sure you have correctly configured the device with the new account’s credentials. Double-check the WiFi settings and any other required information.

Server Connection: Ensure that your SCK is successfully connecting to the server. The message “SCK Connected!!” suggests a connection, but if there are any errors or issues in the log, they might provide clues to the problem.

Community Support: If the Chrome extension or related software is discontinued, you can try reaching out to online communities or forums dedicated to your specific device or IoT projects. Others may have encountered similar issues and found workarounds or alternative solutions.

Consider Upgrading: If your Legacy 1.1 SCK continues to have compatibility problems, it might be worth considering an upgrade to a newer device or IoT platform that is actively supported and offers a smoother user experience.

I hope the information may helps you.