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Relationship of Smart Citizen to other Environmental Monitoring Networks

I think the Smart Citizen project is a pretty cool way to implement Environmental Sensors. Its a flexible and relatively inexpensive platform.
Since February 2020 I already built my own design of environmental sensor. It measures Temp, Hum, Pressure, IAQ, eCO2, VOC, Dust PM1 - PM10 and it has a very unprofessional enclosure design.
It just records the data on SD and on a display. But overall not a bad effort for just a few months.
I wanted to build a better one, then found the Smart Citizen Kit. My motto is “Adopt, Adapt, Improve” so I just bought one.
I will initially deploy one kit near my home in Adelaide, Australia, then later we move to Taiwan (when travel is possible) and redeploy the same sensor there.
I looked at the Smart Citizen Map display, found a few of them in Australia, mostly turned off. None in Taiwan.
I researched the topic of environmental sensor network - Taiwan online and found this article: []
It indicates that various Taiwan Universities deployed an Environmental Monitoring network as far back as 2012.
And then there is this article (you might need to install Google Translate to read it)
It indicates a network of some 13000 sensors has been deployed throughout taiwan up to year 109 (which is 2020). It is Government sponsored through various agencies. They do not go into detail about the sensor devices they use. Not even a photograph.
I am wondering what relationship may exist now or in the past between Smart Citizen and these projects ?
It would explain why there are no SC sensor nodes shown in Taiwan, they have their own system.
I also found this website indicating a government sponsored network exists in Australia too: