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Request: Code commenting - please do multi language

Hi Guys,

while I do love you share your code - would you mind doing your commenting in English? Or both English and Spanish? It would make it easier for us in the rest of the world to read what you are trying do do without having to spell our way through your Spanish code comments.

I do agree Spanish is a great language and used by many - but most developers both read and write enough English to write code comments.


Sorry, I forgot some lines are translated. In any case we are rewriting the code and working on a new version, you can see it in my github. Coming soon will do a modification in the firmware to reduce the consumption environment fourth part.

The code works, but we can say that is not 100% tested and will have some errors. But that this forum, to contribute ideas to improve it.


-Increase the internal memory capacity of 100-570 posts.
-Fixed hang the board when the server crashed.
-Simplified the source code.