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Request for Information on the upcoming SCK 2.0


I have been following from a distance the Smart Citizen project for some time now. I really like the idea, and empowering people to measure and share independently data on the environment we all live in is a great and worthwhile project ! Initially , following the project 2 or 3 years ago, I was under the impression the entire project was no longer active.

Of course I was very happy to have learned (by receiving the invitation for the ‘pre order firm’ some months ago) that there will be a follow up soon…

However, since then there is not much new information. In addition, the forum and the website still seem to be mostly inactive. The ‘development insight’ subforum states it provides ‘weekly updates’, but the last post is from 2017. Usually this kind of forum activity means a project is ‘dead’ ( or at least it doesn’t suggest a very active development process).

I really hope there will be an improved kit soon,and in order to have any idea on the project it would be good to be more clear on the current status.

It would be great if there could be information on an approximate due date, new features, improved sensors, estimate pricing (maybe under the condition of a minimal number of people ordering), and the current status ( what is happening right now).




Thank you for your interest @alexander!

We are mostly active on Github these days, where we are working on our code:

Primarily on the firmware and front-end:

We also have a Twitter account:

Being a small team, we prioritize working on the code, but of course, we should find time to write more blog posts here on the forum!

I will poke the rest of the team, and ask them to do a post on current status, and what kind of sensors to expect etc. :wink: