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SC 2.1 public access to data

thanx you for sending the smartcitizen kit 2.1…the installation works just fine and the personal data can be accessed on the platform, but when i enter the platform i can’t see my data…only from my profile…should i take some action? or is it an webconfigutation?


Thanks for writing!

We couldn’t find any device registered under your email address. Could you share us your Smart Citizen username?

hi pral2a

my user name is d.melenberg and
i can read the data from

but not from the map view

with kind regards



It works on my laptop!

Try to refresh your browser and check it again

Let us know if you have any other issues!

Yes… It works if you go to

But if you try it from. nothing shows…

Wich browser do you use. I use xhrome

With kind regards


You’re completely right!

Such a weird issue!

Both views obtain the Kits location from the same source. We’ll look at it maybe some caching issues.

We’ll write you back soon

Hi Pral2a

Do you know anything more, about this wierd problem?

Hi @d.melenberg

my colleague @viktorsmari1 is on holidays but as soon as he is back he will look at your issue

Thank you

Hi Pral2a and/or victorsmari1,

It is visible on the public page… Thanx

With kind regards


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