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I would like to know if the scenarios I am describing below may be wish-listed or not…

“As a Smart Citizen I want to be aware of arrivals, in other words, other smart citizens arriving to the city I am in now”.

“As a City Mayor, I am interested in the citizenship growth trend, receiving an e-mail based digest with some quick charts, like population growth histogram, active sensor count and foreign smart citizens arrivals/departures”.

“As a Undergraduate Student and Smart Citizen I am interested in visiting Smart Cities from where I can choose the university that appeals to me - assumption: Smart Cities with high university counts and adequate weather are relevant to me”.

Definitively yes !
In the wish list we have also :

  • trigger action (something like if battery < 10% send mail)
  • geolocalised research (already in beta)
  • Group data aggregation (this can be a street, a city, or specific comunity) already in beta

So hopefully when this function will be out, you should be able to run such scenario.
Thanks for the suggestion.

Is the wish list available as a public document?

not yet, but meanwhile the forum is also here for that.

@ccrosetti : I like your use cases!

My wishlist:

  • WYSIWYG (WhatYouSeeIsWhatYouGet) - Editor to shape posts.
  • yes, I’d love to get an email BEFORE my SCK-battery is on 0%…

more to come…

My entry for the wish list: a time stamp on the Mobile App to know the time of the measurement.