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SCK 1.1 - where can we find info?

I have a v1.1 kit, and I’m trying to bring it to life.

I have managed to sometimes connect to it with the “Setup your kit” on my Linux box. When I try to run it on Windows it complains that for Codebender I need to use Chrome, even though I am using Chrome.

So I bring up the Codebender page and set the permissions on the serial port. Sometimes it will start to output the temp/humidity/light/… and other times it gives me nothing. But when I try to install firmware it fails to connect to the device.

Sometimes it tells me to reset my kit by pressing the reset button. But there are two buttons on the board, and neither has that effect, and neither says reset.

Has this kit been abandoned?

Same problem. I think that Chrome has been updated, but not the web interface …

You might be able to download an old version of Chrome, and use that? (Pre-2018)!

I want to change the interval from 1 minute to 15 or 30 seconds. I am aware this is not ideal for the air sensors, which have a warm up or dormancy period, but I’m willing to risk that.

Any ideas?

We’ll look at the issue. We were much focused on the new SCKs and haven’t had time to look at the legacy setup.

Just in case here you have all the documentation

If you need to configure the Kit urgently, you can follow one of the two manual ways.

Hope it helps!