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SCK 1.5 Urban Sensor

Hello Everyone,
I had some how configured my board (SCK 1.5) as a SCK 2.0… but I had only working light sensor.

Now I would like to configure right. Shall I use the SCK 2.0 methods or SCK 1.0 1.1… ?
The point with the 1.0 is not allowing me to add the MAC. I’m using Chrome 80.0.X but it’s saying I’ve not using chrome.

So wondering what I can else do.


Hello @carles.gutierrez

You should use the new method like for SCK 2.1.

However, as your Kit is a research one, you should use the advance kit selection option. More information about it on the docs below:

Post here any other question and we’ll try to help you

Hey Thanks,

well I tried before some Advance kit selection with the #14, with no positive results. is that what i should use?

I also have doubts when trying to set the wifi password. The only way I had some times able to do it was by using hard reset, but not always it works. Red button does not necessarily mean set wifi manager active. Plus question related to wifi manager: The SD Card should remain inside while this process?


ok, It’s online again. Now more sensors available! but not all… no2 and co are not available. I’ve did something else wrong? might be my board another is another one than #14?