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SCK Battery Charge Limit 98%?

I have a new instance of SCK 2.1
I am currently using the supplied 2000 mAh battery that the kit came with.
After 24 Hrs connected to power (Initially by USB to my laptop, then for 12 hours plugged into a 5v 2.4 Amp wall wart. ) I find the battery state of charge remains at 98% after all that time. Seems not to be trickle charging at all.
I am wanting to charge it to 100% so that I can begin to run it down until the device stops, thus to determine battery lifetime on this battery, before upgrading to a 6000 mAh battery I happen to have.

So, the question is, does the battery ever charge to the 100% level?
Could this require a ‘tuning adjustment’ in the code ?
Will II need to update any code to have it properly support the proposed larger battery ?
In particular, I would like the charging current to be increased to 2 A so it doeas not take so long …

As mentioned elsewhere, I have now installed the larger 6000 may battery. The battery lifetime has proportionately increased. This one has maximum charge of 99% so comparing to the other battery seems like its a battery issue. It may improve over time with some charge/ discharge cycles.
The battery meter and charger seems to automatically adapt to the different batteries.


I conducted the battery rundown test on 6000 mAh battery.

First round I ran the device for several days to 60% charge level then recharged.

2nd round I ran the device for 5 days again to 60% charge level. At midnight last night the device ceased publishing as reported to me by email from the platform. The platform gives the time last message received from the device. The blue light now hard on and not pulsing or flashing.

Has this ever happened to anyone else ?
What action should I perform to get back online hopefully without data loss ?