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SCK Battery Charge Limit 98%?

I have a new instance of SCK 2.1
I am currently using the supplied 2000 mAh battery that the kit came with.
After 24 Hrs connected to power (Initially by USB to my laptop, then for 12 hours plugged into a 5v 2.4 Amp wall wart. ) I find the battery state of charge remains at 98% after all that time. Seems not to be trickle charging at all.
I am wanting to charge it to 100% so that I can begin to run it down until the device stops, thus to determine battery lifetime on this battery, before upgrading to a 6000 mAh battery I happen to have.

So, the question is, does the battery ever charge to the 100% level?
Could this require a ‘tuning adjustment’ in the code ?
Will II need to update any code to have it properly support the proposed larger battery ?
In particular, I would like the charging current to be increased to 2 A so it doeas not take so long …

As mentioned elsewhere, I have now installed the larger 6000 may battery. The battery lifetime has proportionately increased. This one has maximum charge of 99% so comparing to the other battery seems like its a battery issue. It may improve over time with some charge/ discharge cycles.
The battery meter and charger seems to automatically adapt to the different batteries.