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SCK does not power on

Hello, My SCK just stopped powering on. No light on the LED. I have tried two different USB cables, two different power sources and also tried it with the battery and without the battery (with USB). I have also tried it with two different batteries. Nothing lights up and i’ve played with both the reset & power button. I’ve held the power button for 5 seconds, for 20 seconds. No response. No lights whatsoever. It was working fine and was online and publishing data a few days ago. I also had the data being collected on a local SD card. I checked yesterday and the data was being logged. This morning I woke up and found that the SCK is powered off, even though it was plugged USB in my laptop. No new data logged since yesterday. And the system is totally powered off. Please help! We are in california and I really would like to measure the smoke content from these wildfires around us! Thank YOU.

tengo un problema similar lo pudiste resolver?