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SCK IoT Architecture


I am asking for help and advice!

I am studying for a Masters in Cloud Computing as part of the masters I am doing a research project on IoT. The title of the project is “An investigation into the networking implications of the ‘Internet of Things’”

The title is a work in progress as is the project itself!.. and I am still trying to learn more about IoT, particularly IoT architectures and as part of my learning I purchased the Smart Citizen Kit to explore IoT more and to understand better how it works. This is what I would like to know more about, about the IoT architecture in place to interconnect the SCKs, to gather data from the SCK’s, the networking topology, the architectural model being used, the protocols being used… I guess information along those lines…

Can you help? Would anyone have this information that they could share with me or where such information might available or even just a recommendation of who I could speak with / write to regarding the IoT architecture for the SCK? I really want to understand the IoT architecture that is being used from the SCK device to the web portal and also to the smart phone API for the SCKs. How does everything interconnect? Then if it is ok, I will like to use this information in my project as part of my practical research into IoT using the SCK.

Many thanks in advance for any help you can offer…


Hi @louisakgh,

Take a look at:

About 3/4 of the way through you arrive a s section called “The Platform.” A few pages into that section you get to a page titled “Curent Arctitecture.” If you have other specific questions, they can be posted here in the forum or sent to:

SCK 685

Hi @louisakgh! Please, contact us via so we can give you personalized attention regarding the current/future architecture!? Looking forward to hearing from you. Best

First of all, thank you very much Matt for your feedback… that’s very helpful and appreciated!

Sure Aitor, I will send my post directly to that email address. I did send an email to the contact you suggested at IAAC but I received no response and this is why I posted to the forum.

All the best,