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SCK-iPhone-App: Bug: Can't connect to community!

Dear Community,
while clicking on the “community”-button in my app:
-it instantly dies!

What can I do?

Very best regards

Same to me :frowning:

yup, same here -> instant crash

Also the big green ‘Share’ button doesn’t do anything.

Hi guys! It also happens to us. We have a meeting later today with the new app developers. Hopefully, we will see see all these features fixed in the coming weeks. Best. :slight_smile:

thnx for addressing this and good luck with squashing these bugs!

Ok, news is that it will take us few months to move from the beta iOS app to a cross platform one

Right now you can download the app in the App Store for iOS, but the site is too complex to make it 100 responsive and will be a lot of just temporary solutions

so a good app will come, robust and useful

any wish list?


Just one thing for my wish list: nice, readable charts.

I do need:

  • timestamp
  • simple graph

Status notification.
Is device life, lagging or considered dead/disconnected?

And maybe a push notification in case of malfunctioning of your SCK so you can attend to it.

Ok, added to the list, again: we are working on EVERY single aspect of the project at the moment to make it better, faster, stronger and more usable, and we will send news asap!

thanks for all the support


Apple Maps was plagued with problems from the beginning. It’s gotten better, but Google Maps is still the best. Google has better driving directions and more accurate location data. Google Maps also includes public transit directions, which is essential for city dwellers

Hello Tomas. Do you guys know when you will have the new app up and running?


We hope to find the time some time soon to work on a new iPhone app but we are extremely busy on the core software and hardware features.

For the ones who miss it we launched a brand new Android app 3 months ago