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Sck update time for posting to internet?


I’ll be using the sck for a project for indoor environment control. I am sure the sck usual update rate works fine in the real world, and temperatures don’t change that suddenly. But for demonstrating my project, I plan to try some sudden temperature changes (with hair dryer or ice pack), and want to observe the results.
How often does the sck update it’s environment parameters? Every hour? Minute? Second?



Hello Drew,

by default the Smart Citizen Kit takes a reading every minute and publish it on-line. This is defined on the firmware here:

The reading intervals and update times can be adjusted using the configuration tool using the Chrome App as explained here:

However this tool limits you to a minimum 1 minute interval between readings.

In order to set the interval time below 1 minute you will need to use the Smart Citizen Kit command line and set set time update 20. However going under 20 seconds updates can make the firmware unstable some times.

We plan to work on this in the future to allow close to real-time updates for science and education applications.

Let us know how it works,