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SCK Website Configuration - Geolocation

I’m trying to set up my SCK via the website, and I have been unable for the website recognize my location (or any location for that matter). I have tried both PC’s & MAC’s, as well as Firefox and Google Chrome for both…but no success. Any advice would be appreciated on how to get my kits registered!

Hi @kentstate_caed. Set up your location should not be a problem. Please, could you share you device number (URL) with us in order to check it out!? Looking forward to hearing from you. Best.

Hi @aitoraloa and @kentstate_caed,

Looks like they are:

My best guess is:
Lat: 41.1505974, Long:-81.345954
Kent State University
College of Architecture & Environmental Design
201 Taylor Hall,
Kent State University,
Kent, OH 44242

You can also try it in FireFox. Happy to help if you need additional support. Keep posting questions, comments and suggestions.

SCK 685

Hi @kentstate_caed, Please, could you try to edit your location from the EDIT menu on your dashboard. We have notice that geolocation does not work properly during the sensor registering process but it works later when you edit your sensors details from the device page. We already have our workmate @guillem working on that and it should be solved very soon. Sorry for the inconveniences. Best. :slight_smile: