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SCK with mobile phone network instead of wifi?

I always wondered if (or why not) the citizen kit can be revamped to use mobile phone network as internet connection.

Tiny low cost low power GPRS modules are widely available, connection costs are very low inbetween.
Are there projects already doing such?
Is there a way to revamp SCK 1.1 or 2.0 to have mobile connectivity?
Regards, Stefan

Or perhaps LoRaWAN / TTN capable version? :thinking:


We built a LoRaWAN / TTN capable prototype some month ago. We hope we’ll have time to work on a final version on the next few months.

Currently we are busy with the SCK 2.1 and the SCK stations calibration and validation

Very interested in this product. Please keep us updated.

Sure! We’ll publish any updates here!

For the moment for anyone looking to deploy the Kit on remote area without a Wi-Fi connection, we recommend the SD card mode. We also suggest purchasing a 3G Wi-Fi AP.

MicroTik offers outdoor 3G enabled Wi-Fi access points for less than 100€. Also, a SIM card with a minimal monthly data plan (< 200 MB) can be found for less than 3€. They are a good option particularly if we are planning to deploy a few Kits on an area, i.e. monitoring a construction site

Can someone tell me what the data volumes are for each server update/publish

This would be useful to understand the type of communication method that would be possible to connect the SCK and the cost of the transmissions.

Each standard SCK 2.1 will publish less than 20 MB of data a month. So for ten devices, a 200MB monthly plan will work!

I am as interested in the volume per publication, due to capability of networks I may use. So to confirm

20MB/days in month/hours in day/minutes in hour
20000000 / 28 / 24/60 = 496 bytes per minute (i.e. per server update)

Is that correct?

Many thanks


Yes, for an approximation this works. It is around 400 bytes per publication. The default update time is 1min. There’s also a special daily publication of about 400 bytes with a hardware report. That publication is also published every time it restarts.

Hope it helps!

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