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SCK2.1 go it - but no brackets

It would be nice if the kit was coming with the brackets. This would simplify fashioning a housing. Without the brackets - all we have is a standstil.
I tried to find someone to 3Dprint the brackets. 3Dhubs - brackets US$7+setup $29=$36 plus shipping handling…
It would be much more economical and efficient for all if the brackets were enclosed with the kit.
Just my 2 cents.

Thanks for your comments!

We are working on a new enclosures system, but you’re right maybe it’s a good option to ask SEEED how much it will cost them to print the brackets and ship them with the Starter Kit.

On this threat, we follow the development of the upcoming enclosure:

I did ask a 3D-printer shop for a quote and they can print a set of two single brackets for 9 € in ASA (kind of UV-resistant ABS). Please let me know if you are interested. P&P would be 7 € so I can send the brackets for a total of 16 € (Europe only, I’m afraid).

Thank you for willing - I trully appreciate. I found that the local university has a 3-D printer in the engineering dept and they print for the university community and for outsiders. They did it for USD1.01 (one dollar and one cent) in one day.

This is a very helpful thread, thank you! Can you perhaps take a photo of your brackets to see how they came out?

Attempt to answer my own question, are these the brackets (clips) you are describing?

Yes - exactly. I used the file downloaded from smartcitizen. They work. In addition I purchased via Amazon the enclosure/shield which also works fine, except for the light sensor.
The enclosure is AcuRite 06054M Temperature and Humidity Solar Radiation Shield:

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Sound cool!

Please, share any enclosure contributions here: